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Treatments for Yellow Teeth

These days, it may seem as if everyone you encounter has a perfect white smile. You may wonder why your own teeth are yellowed or stained instead of the bright white smile that all of your friends and acquaintances have. There are many causes of yellowed teeth. Dr. Parsa Zadeh, cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, can help you get rid of the yellowing and stains so you can enjoy the gleaming white smile that you deserve.

One major cause of yellowed teeth is the aging process. Over time, the protective enamel that covers the teeth begins to wear, exposing the yellowish cast of the dentin underneath. In addition, frequent consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, and other staining foods and beverages can cause the teeth to become yellowed over the years.

Another common cause of yellowed teeth is the use of tobacco products. The nicotine and tar from smoking builds up on the teeth, making them appear yellow. No matter how religiously you brush and floss your teeth, the sticky tar and nicotine will cause your teeth to become yellowed.

Another major cause of discolored teeth is poor oral hygiene. If you are not brushing and flossing your teeth correctly and thoroughly, the plaque on your teeth will harden and become tartar, a hard yellowish coating that can only be removed by a professional cleaning.

Dr. Zadeh, Beverly Hills teeth whitening specialist, can help you remove the yellowish cast from your teeth through teaching you more effective oral hygiene habits and by performing in office whitening treatments. Call Dr. Zadeh’s office to schedule your appointment.

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