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Smile Gallery

With nearly 30 years of years experience in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, Dr. Parsa T. Zadeh, DDS, Beverly Hills Dentist, has performed almost every type of case imaginable. His work speaks for itself and these patients have been generous enough to share their smiles with us to show you the difference that Dr. Zadeh can make.

Regardless of whether you want a small touch up, a smile or teeth makeover, or dental reconstructive surgery up to a full mouth reconstruction, we have a treatment that we can personally tailor to your wants and needs and provide you with a smile that you can be proud of. No case is too complicated, nor too simple. Dr. Zadeh, who is a former USC Clinical Professor & Lecturer of 14 years, has made it his life’s mission and purpose to give you the smile you have always wanted and deserve!

Gummy Smile Corrections

Gummy smile correction put her smile on display.
This beautiful young woman wanted a gumlift. After it was completed, her smile enhanced her natural beauty.
Brenda had an uneven smile, but with the use of veneers and teeth whitening, she got to have the dazzling smile she always wanted.
Veneers dramatically improved the appearance of her smile, which had small, crooked, and crowded teeth.
This gentleman achieved great results with a take-home bleaching kit for teeth whitening.

Cosmetic Dentistry Before & After

This gentleman suffered from a chipped tooth, but bonding and veneers corrected his smile.
Instant orthodontics and a gum lift brought out the radiance of her smile.
This gentleman suffered from short teeth, but with the use of porcelain veneers, we radically improved his smile. Look at the genuine joy in his after photo!
This handsome young man suffered from an extreme gummy smile. With the use of Dr. Zadeh’s patent-pending GumLift® and veneers, his short teeth and gummy smile are a thing of the past!

Mira did not like her gummy smile and short teeth.

A single gum lift procedure removed the excess gum and showed the entire length of her teeth.

Mary’s gummy smile thinned her upper lip when she smiled.

I rounded the edges of her veneers to copy the shape of her teeth.

Look at the bulk of the gum and bone stretching the upper lip and thinning it.

I reduced the bulk of the bone from Mary’s upper jaw.  Her lip will not stretch and lift as much, therefore it shows fuller and thicker.

Joan was happy with the size of her teeth but did not like the excessive jaw bone she showed.  She also complanined that she couldn’t close her mouth enough.

The result was that she had the original teeth shapes and sizes that I recreated by porcelain veneers and a mouth that closes more comfortably.

Joan’s back teeth were too tall preventing her lips from closing comfortably.

After surgically removing the excessive jaw bone, the teeth were again shortened to close the bite and recreate the original size of the teeth she liked.

Old and fake looking bridge.

Implant placed at bone level for optimum aesthetics.

I shaped the Zirconium abutment for a perfect marginal adaptation.

Unparalleled aesthetics.

Yuki had gone her entire life with patched up front teeth.

Yuki wanted to look as natural as possible even with a small gap in between.  She got porcelain veneers and a gum lift.

Regina wanted a more striking smile.

Regina received 10 porcelain veneers after a gum lift.

Mary had a straight smile line that did not show enough front teeth when she smiled.

Mary considerably improved her smile by just four porcelain veneers extending her teeth downwards.

Gita had peg laterals.  Her front side teeth were abnormally small.

By placing two veneers on the peg shaped teeth, Dr. Zadeh created this natural smile.

Dona always wanted the gap between her front two teeth closed.

To close the gap, Dr. Zadeh divided the space between her 4 front teeth and created this proportionate smile.

Ben wanted a limited treatment to improve his smile.

Ben received 4 porcelain veneers on his front four teeth.

Adrian wanted an overhaul of her smile but she was not sure what could be done other than changing the old crowns on her two front teeth.

Dr. Zadeh gave her this smile by performing a gum lift procedure and placing full porcelain veneers on her teeth.

A patient came in with stained and yellowed teeth from years of coffee drinking and wear.

Dr. Zadeh bleached her teeth and replaced crowns and placed veneers as necessary.

This patient suffered from uneven and worn teeth.

Dr. Zadeh performed an oral rejuvenation and smile makeover with bleaching, crowns, and veneers.

This gentleman was missing a few teeth and had worn, discolored teeth as well.

Dr. Zadeh placed veneers and implants as part of a full mouth reconstruction.

This patient had several missing and broken teeth, extensive filing and other restorative work that needed to be redone.

Dr. Zadeh performed a full mouth reconstruction with implants, veneers, crowns, and composite fillings.

This patient had worn teeth and several old fillings and implants.

Dr. Zadeh performed an oral rejuvenation with crown, implant, and filling replacements.

A woman came in with worn, missing, and broken teeth, requiring extensive restoration dentistry.

Dr. Zadeh performed a full mouth reconstruction with implants to restore the patient’s smile.

This young man had discolored and worn teeth, espceially at the neck.

An oral rejuvenation with veneers was done to give the patient’s smile a healthy, splendid look.

This gentleman came in with severely deconstructed mouth.  Gum disease, tooth decay, and other issues were prevalent.

Dr. Zadeh performed a full mouth reconstruction with implants and bridges to restore the patient’s smile, leaving him with a natural, beautiful look.  In fact, this patent was so happy, he recommended his wife and other loved ones to Dr. Zadeh’s care.

This patient came in with a number of problems, including severe malocclusion, stained teeth, and an underbite.

An oral rejuvenation with instant orthodontics was used to restore their smile almost instantly without the need to use costly and sometimes incovenient aligners.

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