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How Often to Visit the Dentist

How Often to Visit the DentistDental checkups play an important role in your dental health. Regular dental checkups can help us identify the earliest signs of dental disease when conditions are often most easily and most affordably treated. The American Dental Association recommends that most patients visit their dentists every six months. However, some patients may need more frequent checkups due to existing dental health or general health issues.


1. Pregnant women
The hormones associated with pregnancy can increase the risk of developing several dental problems, including some that have been linked to preterm birth and miscarriage. If you are pregnant, our dentist may recommend a more frequent cleaning schedule to reduce your risks.


2. Smokers
Nicotine can interfere with healthy oral blood flow, which can make gum disease and other dental problems more likely. If you smoke, talk to our dentist about your dental treatment options and how you can keep your teeth and gums healthier.


3. People with compromised immune systems
Because infection can develop much quicker in people with compromised immune systems, it is vital that you catch periodontal disease and other potential health problems before they cause significant damage.


4. People with gum disease or a history of cavities
Gum disease and tooth decay can wreak havoc on your smile. If you have a history of frequent cavities, or you have active gum disease, our dentist may recommend more frequent checkups.


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