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Effects of Drinking Wine on Your Teeth

Wine has been linked with better cardiovascular health and other health benefits, but according to research, it can also have a detrimental effect on your smile. Our Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist explains.

One of the biggest risks that wine poses to your teeth is enamel erosion. According to a study that was published in “Nutrition Research” in 2009, wine can leach calcium and other minerals from teeth and erode the enamel. Although both red and white wine had this effect, white was determined to be the worst offender.

Wine can also stain your teeth. Red is the best-known offender when it comes to staining, but white wine can also discolor your teeth. The acids contained in wine leave your teeth porous, which allow the tannins that are contained in wine and other foods and beverages to be more readily absorbed.

You do not have to quit drinking wine to protect your teeth. Instead, use a wine straw to minimize contact whenever possible, and rinse with water after drinking. Enjoying cheese with your wine can neutralize acid and provide your teeth with enamel-strengthening calcium. Wait about half an hour after drinking wine before brushing your teeth to give your teeth an opportunity to remineralize and your saliva a chance to neutralize harmful acids.

If wine has left your teeth looking dull or worn, our expert in teeth whitening in Beverly Hills can help. We offer extensive treatment options that can brighten your teeth, conceal worn enamel and rejuvenate your smile. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation.

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