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Cosmetic Dentistry for a Better Life

It is not really breaking news for most of us, but the scientific evidence is piling up that a healthy, attractive smile truly does open doors for you. A recent study whose results were published in the Daily Mail showed that good teeth signal social status.

A noticeable gap is growing around the world as the appearance of your teeth becomes increasingly important. While you do not need to have absolutely perfect teeth, teeth that appear white, clean, and healthy generally help your outlook and chances of success. Many of my patients have seen their live improve dramatically after having aesthetic deficiencies in their teeth corrected through cosmetic dentistry. Patients have returned, especially after smile makeovers and gummy smile surgery, to my office to tell me about the improvements in their social life.

Access to cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly important, and as trends continue to grow in the media, correlations between social status and your teeth will continue to occur. As a dentist in Beverly Hills, specializing in implant, restoration, and cosmetic dental procedures, I am inclined to agree with this article. Celebrities and wealthy individuals tend to have straighter, more ‘natural and perfect’ looking smiles than people with lower income or who do not opt to have cosmetic dental work done. However, these individuals shape our social viewpoint and those who cannot afford or opt not to have cosmetic dentistry may be at a disadvantage for social success.

I am not here to pass judgments on anything, but it is certainly something to consider, especially if you are unhappy with any aspect of your smile. I would wit that part of the reason the disparity occurs is many people who have flaws or imperfections of their smile may be keenly aware of them, even if on a subconscious level. This can lead to reduced self-confidence, which is telegraphed toward other social contacts. Hope is not lost, however!

There is some very good news. Thanks to the prevalence of these procedures, many treatments are very affordable and most people only require a bleaching or slight straightening with either Invisalign or night-time retainers, depending on the severity of their crookedness to get the perfect smile they’ve always wanted. For many, a tooth whitening is enough to boost their confidence and help them make the steps they need to make a better life and smile more, as scientific evidence has shown that smiling is beneficial for your mood and also can help with your heart health. Even fake smiles will eventually turn into real smiles, as the body cannot tell the difference. Your brain is trained to release endorphins when you smile, even falsely. This in turn causes you to be more relaxed, affable, and feel happier.

For others, they may require more extensive cosmetic work, but this is a case by case basis. Ensuring my patients have a healthy smile and are comfortable is my top priority, and many are surprised by how little they really have to do to have the smile of their dreams. When veneers, crowns, or other more extensive work is required to repair and bring out the smile’s beauty, I do offer very reasonable financing options for my patients. Sometimes as low as 0% for the first year! That means you can enjoy your smile from the get-go and only make minimal payments until your balance is paid off. For most, this can be done in less time than they think.

Veneers are used for when teeth are chipped, cracked, or stained to the point where bleaching does not provide the desired results. They can also be used to even out smiles that might have noticeable asymmetries. Porcelain veneers are a great option for restoring the youth of a smile, especially among adults, who might have decades of wear and tear that have not damaged the teeth to the point that they need a crown, but a veneer can help protect and improve the appearance of the tooth. The results are often stunning and incredibly natural looking. However, if a patient is a serial grinder or clencher, they may need additional therapy and a mouth guard to help protect their veneers when they sleep. Crowns are used in tandem with veneers in cosmetic dentistry, especially if a tooth is badly damaged and beyond the capacity of a veneer to fix or repair both the appearance and health of the tooth. If you are missing a tooth or teeth, you can be given dental implants or a bridge to help restore your smile.

When veneers, crowns, and dental implants or bridges become involved, we cross the line from simple cosmetic dentistry into the realms of smile makeovers. When a smile makeover occurs, several treatments are applied to the patient to provide a natural looking, healthy smile. While not as severe as full mouth reconstruction, which may include gum and bone grafts, a smile makeover focuses on readily visible parts of the smile. Some of my work is nothing short of miraculous, and patients have become so happy with the results they get that they cannot help but refer their friends and family.

And this circles back to the initial basis of this blog post, where I began discussing that treating your smile with cosmetic dentistry may actually significantly improve your outlook on life. While aged, yellowed, worn teeth and missing teeth were considered a natural part of the aging process, this is no longer the case and people have become prejudiced by the realities of our culture. We are presented with perfect teeth every day in magazines, on television, even on the radio where spots for dentistry promise beautiful results and play on our emotions that if we are unable or unwilling to have cosmetic dentistry performed, we are somehow lesser. I would disagree with this tactic and focus on the positive. You may already have a radiant and beautiful smile, but there might be something you are unhappy with that is dragging you down.

This is when you come in for cosmetic dentistry. The only person you should do it for is yourself. Do it because it’ll make you and ONLY you feel sexier, more attractive, and more… well, anything! Just insert your desired trait and like many of my patients, you’ll feel it after you have your concern is addressed. What is even better, is that many people feel they need a whole smile makeover, when only a few simple treatments can radically improve the appearance of their smile. It is popular to overprescribe yourself, when only one or two treatments may be required. Have yellowed teeth and a snaggle tooth? All you may need is a simple recontouring and/or bonding and bleaching. Are you missing a tooth but have an otherwise gorgeous smile? We can very easily make an implant and crown to match the rest of your teeth. Do you have old, amalgam fillings? Replace them with composite fillings.

Most cosmetic dental treatments are relatively inexpensive in the long run and your self-confidence is worth the investment. Especially since we do have generous financing offers, as stated above. If you are concerned about your smile, I invite you to contact us at (323) 273-2020 or email our appointment coordinator and we can discuss what your goals for your smile are.

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