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Best Diet for Preventing Cavities

The link between diet and cavities is well known. Although no diet can completely prevent all cavities, it can go a long way toward preventing some cavities. Eating healthy foods helps to boost your immune system, which in turn can help your body ward off illnesses caused by bacterial infections, such as periodontal disease. In addition, eating a healthy diet can help to make the teeth and gums healthier and stronger.

Eating a diet that is rich in calcium can help developing teeth. Children especially need to eat a diet that is rich in calcium to foster strong teeth. Dairy products are especially high in calcium, so make sure that your children eat a diet that includes lean dairy products.

Vitamin C is also important for a healthy mouth. If you do not consume enough vitamin C, you are at risk for scurvy. Scurvy results from a deficiency of vitamin C, and it results in bleeding gums and in some cases even tooth loss. Citrus fruits contain high levels of vitamin C, as do Brussels sprouts and broccoli.

Fluoride is important for healthy teeth as well. Fluoride is a mineral that is added in the public water supply of many cities, and it helps to prevent cavities. If your public water supply does not contain fluoride or if you prefer bottled water, a fluoride treatment may help.

Dr. Zadeh, dentist in Beverly Hills, can provide additional advice about eating a healthy diet. Call his office to set up an appointment for an examination and to discuss your diet.

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