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The Original Paperless Dental Office

In 1995, Dr. Zadeh remodeled and expanded his dental office at 6360 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Soon after he moved in, he began his quest for digitization and modernization of his practice. One year later, he realized that his vision for a completely paperless office could not be materialized in that space, and so he started looking for a new space to build from scratch. After about two years of searching, planning, and six months of construction, Dr. Zadeh created this current dental facility at 9100 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills. This is the very first completely paperless dental office, and perhaps still the only completely paperless dental office in the country. Dr. Zadeh did not spare any expense if it added to patients’ comfort or if it resulted in superior or safer treatment for them. The advantages of a paperless office benefit both the practice and our patients. By becoming fully paperless, not only does the planet benefit as there is less waste generated and fewer resources need to be used to keep records; there is very little risk of patient records getting misplaced, lost, or destroyed as everything is backed up on a secure server. This way, we can provide a more seamless experience to the patient, while maintaining consistency and avoiding extra work and using time that could be better used helping improve the quality of care.

Minimum Radiation X-rays

Back in 1997, Dr. Zadeh acquired two filmless digital x-ray sensor units. The greatest advantage of these systems is that they require 90% less radiation than analog dental X-ray films. They also provide greater diagnostic capabilities due to their larger format and versatility. It is our opinion that using X-ray films that expose the patients to 10 times more radiation than is required is unethical and should be against the law. Old fashioned analog X-rays also do not provide the fidelity and resolution necessary to further our practice of providing the best preventative dentistry possible. This way, we can see what problems there are when they are very small and can treat them early and possibly even reverse them in some cases.

Water Purification and Disinfection System

  • The water to the dental units is passed through a four-stage carbon filter for purity.
  • Reverse osmosis filtration is used for drinking water.
  • Closed system sterile water is used for implant and other surgical procedures.
  • Dr. Zadeh has installed special disinfectant systems to eliminate the bacterial bio-film that may form inside the small tubing of the dental units. This is the latest recommendation by CDC (Center for Disease Control) for a safer treatment environment in dental offices.
  • Special KAVO handpiece cleaner is used to flush and clean the inner workings of dental handpieces.

Diagnostic Laser Technology

We acquired the revolutionary caries (cavity) detecting laser “Diagnodent” that allows incredibly accurate detection of early cavities. These early-detected cavities can be conservatively treated without using the drill and without the needle, a fact that many of our patients find extremely appealing. It is minimally invasive and is much less uncomfortable than traditional detection methods that use tools that can potentially poke and cause discomfort. We tell our patients that what Diagnodent does for dental cavities is what the Mammogram does for breast cancer: It allows early detection that in turn allows more conservative and aesthetically-pleasing treatment. This way more of the tooth can be preserved and small cavities can be addressed before they become a larger issue.

CEREC for Same Day Restorations

We recently added a CEREC, or Chairside Economic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or CEramic REConstruction to our office. With this addition, we can take a digital impression of your mouth and provide you with a new crown and other restorations the very same day as your appointment. This means less waiting time, less cost, and more time enjoying your smile as it dispenses with the need for temporaries while your permanent crown or other appliance is manufactured. And don’t worry about quality, as the success rate of CEREC dental appliances are an astounding 95.5%! This rivals and often exceeds even the finest craftsmanship by human hands.

Spa–Like Amenities

We have taken every measure possible to pamper our patients and make their experience something that they talk about …positively:
  • As part of your routine dental cleanings, you can also give your hands a warm moisturizing paraffin bath.
  • While enjoying the chilled, purified mountain fresh air of the treatment rooms, you can keep warm by heated blankets and hugging our luscious stuffed animals for a little added comfort. The office air is controlled through an elaborate dual air-conditioning system and is monitored and adjusted for moisture, temperature, particulates, and carbon dioxide (CO2) to provide optimal air quality and help you forget the hustle and bustle of the city that is only a few feet away.
  • Ionic Breeze™ air purifiers keep the air clean while negative air ionizers keep the ambiance pleasant for all.
  • If your legs are tired, or feeling tense, you can have them massaged by our kneading thigh and calf massager. Our patients find this quite addictive!
  • You can choose from hundreds of movie titles and watch them on the ceiling flat screens, while you listen to the surround sound through wireless headphones. You can forget all about your treatment while watching your favorite film.
  • We serve refreshments like Cappuccino, Caffé Latte, and fruit juices. We want you to feel great, so if you have not had a chance to eat, we can make you a fresh protein shake to boost your energy.
  • We are also improving our facilities all the time and offering new amenities to further improve your experience with us! We want you to leave us feeling happy, relaxed, and refreshed.

Patient Education System – A Cooperative Treatment Plan

We have the latest available DVD programs for patient education in every treatment room. The animated video clips about the risks, benefits, or alternatives of dental procedures will leave no room for imagination or misunderstanding about your area of interest. Our patients find this useful for treatments that may not be familiar to them or they have concerns about and they can make in making decisions that are best for them and their oral health.

Balanced Lighting

To make sure the color and tint of your cosmetic dental work matches your other teeth and is exactly what you had in mind, we have gone to great lengths to balance the lighting in the treatment areas. We have various light sources so that we can “test” your new teeth under different lighting, to avoid your disappointment and embarrassment when you leave our office. Dr. Zadeh wrote an article about color balancing of light in dental offices that was published in Dentistry Today.

Sound Privacy

We believe that what is said between patients and our staff is not for anyone else to hear. As a result, we have specially-designed sound-proof doors for our rooms, so that you can expect full privacy when you discuss your dental health issues with any member of our staff. We have also installed sound insulation above the ceilings and inside the walls, for your added benefit. Furthermore, we have installed acoustic boards inside the rooms to create a more comfortable and cozier ambiance. In fact, the rooms are so quiet, that patients have dozed off during exams and cleanings! We pride ourselves on making you feel as comfortable as possible while you are in our care, and so we expect our offices to be top-notch. We are confident that you will find a visit to our offices both relaxing and comforting. No one will take better care of you than we will.

i-CAT 3-D Cone Beam

In 2005, we were the first office in Beverly Hills to acquire and install this new, innovative piece of technology. It allows Dr. Zadeh to fully analyze your mouth, teeth, and jaw bones right in the office. The i-CAT provides high-definition, three-dimensional imaging with less radiation than a typical x-ray scan. This allows Dr. Zadeh to fully reconstruct the topography of your jaw bones in less than 30 seconds. This is an invaluable tool in accurate planning for dental implants.The advantage of having a CAT Scan machine next to the surgical rooms within the same office is the possibility of verifying the progress of surgery before the treatment is finalized. It also helps us keep your costs down and treatment times minimal because there is no need to go to an outside office or needing a referral to get a step of your treatment plan completed.

Xenon Light Surgical Microscope

When conducting dental surgery, the most important tool a dentist can have is a good line of sight. Dr. Zadeh’s unbeatable combination of extraordinarily powerful and detailed surgical microscopes with an ultra-bright Xenon light source means better viewing power and clarity for him, and thus a more accurate procedure for you. Xenon lights are known for their bright-white quality, allowing Dr. Zadeh to see your mouth and his instruments at top clarity. We would not trust our patients to anything but the best, so we opted to use the Xenon light source for our microscopes.

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