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Your Smile Speaks Volumes About You!

Healthy-teeth-patientA radiant white smile tells the world that you are healthy, youthful, and that you care about your appearance. If your smile does not say these things about you, it is time to get help from a skilled dentist. Beverly Hills dentist, Dr. Parsa Zadeh DDS, provides the highest quality general and cosmetic dental care.


If you require dental services in Beverly Hills, Dr. Zadeh and his skilled staff at Zadeh dentistry can take care of all of your needs. Dr. Zadeh provides a full complement of general dental services, such as filling cavities, applying inlays and onlays, placing crowns and bridges, and fitting patients with dentures, among other procedures.


Zadeh Dentistry also is your premier Beverly Hills dental service for your cosmetic dental needs. Dr. Zadeh provides teeth whitening, Invisalign aligners, porcelain veneers and Lumineers, dental bonding, and dental implants. Dr. Zadeh is also one of the few dental surgeons in the area qualified to perform comprehensive full mouth reconstructions and gummy smile surgery. He also has a certification in IV sedation, which allows him to perform dental surgeries in his office without the assistance of an anesthesiologist.


Beverly Hills Dental Services

In addition to Dr. Zadeh’s extensive list of certifications and qualifications, his practice is fully equipped with the latest tools and technologies needed to provide you with the most advanced dental services in Beverly Hills. Zadeh Dentistry boasts a comprehensive collection of cutting edge dental equipment, such as a Xenon Light Surgical Microscope, a Waterlase Cavity Preparation Laser, and a Diode Soft Tissue Laser. Zadeh Dentistry also has one of the few onsite dental laboratories in the area. This laboratory fabricates porcelain dental devices onsite, allowing for customization of each case specific to you and your dentist’s liking.


If you have been looking for the premiere Beverly Hills dental service, you have found it in Zadeh Dentistry. Experience the Zadeh Dentistry difference for yourself. Call 310-273-2020 to schedule your appointment or consultation. Dr. Zadeh’s helpful staff will schedule your appointment, as well as answer any questions that you may have.

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