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Tooth Stains Left by Foods and Beverages

Over time, nearly everyone’s teeth become stained. Many factors cause the teeth to become stained, from natural aging process to the medications that you take. The most preventable cause of teeth staining is the foods that you eat, however.


A variety of foods and beverages can stain the teeth. Berries, soy sauce, coffee, tea, red wine, colas, and even curry can stain the teeth over time. You do not necessarily have to avoid these foods as long as you are consistent about brushing your teeth afterward. Brushing removes most of the particles left over from the foods and beverages before they can set into the enamel.


If your teeth have already become stained by the foods and beverages you eat, then a teeth whitening treatment can remove most of these stains in just one office visit. Dr. Zadeh, Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, offers a variety of teeth whitening treatments, including Zoom teeth whitening. Zoom whitening is a teeth whitening treatment developed by Phillips. This treatment uses a concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel to whiten teeth. The gel is activated by an LED light, allowing the gel to penetrate the tooth enamel and whiten the teeth. The Zoom whitening procedure can whiten the teeth by up to eight shades in just one treatment session.


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