Look Younger with Your Smile using These Dental Tips

According to the Beverly Hills dentist group, a person’s smile says a lot about them. It is a window into a person’s hygiene as well as a person’s health. Beyond that, a nice smile can keep a person looking younger and more vigorous. A white smile can be very inviting, while a crooked, stained teeth smile can be a major turn-off. Maintaining a healthy smile is not that hard to do.

10 Foods That Will Turn Your Teeth Yellow

According to the Beverly Hills dentist group, any food that would discolor your white t-shirt will also stain your teeth. Also, certain foods can damage your enamel, which is the white layer on the surface of your teeth that gives them their sheen. The layer below the enamel is called dentin, which is considerably less brilliant than the enamel. Certain foods and drinks can destroy the enamel and leave only the dentin, which gives your teeth yellow color.

Sleep Dentistry “Going Postal”?

Today, we are going to discuss pills versus IV sedation dentistry.Many dentists these days are advertising for a form of sedation dentistry called sleep dentistry. And many patients get confused or are under the impression that they would be put under general anesthesia

Cigarette Smokers at Increased Risk of Root Canal Treatments

Reasons Why Dentists Take Dental X-Rays

Dental Fear and Gagging

Is Tap Water Good For Preventing Cavities?

Is Tap Water Good For Preventing Cavities? The short answer is Yes… At certain concentrations fluoride bonds with developing enamel making it stronger and more resistant to cavities. Typical spring bottled waters are not monitored and can have too little or too much fluoride.

Amalgam Dental Fillings: Why I Don’t Use Them