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Stress and Your Oral Health

Physicians have long warned that too much stress is detrimental to your general health. However, stress can also be harmful for your oral health in a number of ways. Fortunately, Dr. Zadeh, Beverly Hills dentist, can help reduce the damaging effects of stress on your mouth.

Stress affects your immune system in negative ways, allowing your body to become more susceptible to infections such as the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. In addition, stress has been linked to other oral health problems that may be linked to bacteria or viruses, such as canker sores and lichen planus, a condition in which the mouth has small sores and white lines. Dr. Zadeh can help relieve the symptoms of all of these conditions.

Bruxism, or tooth grinding, is also linked with stress. Many patients grind their teeth at night when they sleep, which can wear down the teeth. In addition, tooth grinding can cause problems with the jaw such as TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder. A night guard can help remedy this problem by protecting the teeth and jaw from the pressure exerted by the grinding.

Finally, stress can lead to other damaging oral health conditions, such as dry mouth or burning mouth syndrome. Dry mouth is caused by the lack of saliva. Saliva is necessary to wash away bacteria and food particles, preventing tooth decay and periodontal disease. When the mouth is dry, the patient is more susceptible to these conditions. Burning mouth is a condition in which the patient feels a burning sensation in the soft tissues of the mouth. It is not known what causes this condition, but it has been linked to stress. Dr. Zadeh will work with you individually to help relieve the symptoms of these conditions.

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