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General Dentistry, The Foundation For A Beautiful Smile

Though we specialize in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, we also provide all of the regular services of a general dentist for your convenience and build our practice on the foundation of beautiful smiles start from healthy smiles. It is important to treat the big issues and Dr. Zadeh knows that regular care and prevention are the key to keeping a healthy smile. If you do not have any serious dental health problems, we cannot help you get the smile you want and deserve before we fix them. This is why every patient who walks through our door has their mouth examined and all of their issues are addressed with care and skill. This must be done before we can do any reconstructive or cosmetic work. General dentistry is the core of all other dentistry.

Regular Checkups and Exams for A Healthy Smile

We offer all general and preventative dental services along with our cosmetic and reconstructive services. Dr. Zadeh’s is your all-inclusive dental office for exams, cleanings, x-rays, composite fillings, periodontal disease diagnosis, treatment and maintenance, dentures, root canals, and bonding, as well as any other dental procedure or treatment you may need.

Regular exams and cleanings are essential to keeping your mouth and body healthy. Your exams and cleanings are the foundation on which all other dental work is built. Without them, you are leaving yourself at risk for bigger and costlier problems. Untreated cavities and periodontal disease are the leading causes of tooth loss and expensive dentistry bills.

We understand that things can happen due to wear and tear, age, and other factors like injury and trauma. This is why regular cleanings and check-ups are important. It helps us identify problems and helps you stop them before they become serious. Serious dental health problems can cause other issues with your entire body.

When you have your regular checkup and exams, you also establish a working relationship with your dentist and their team. Dr. Zadeh, who is a former USC Clinical Professor & Lecturer of 14 years, takes a particular interest in his patients as their health and well-being are very important to him. When you come in for your cleaning and exam, the doctor and his assistants will check you for various oral health issues and make sure that your entire mouth is healthy. We also accomodate emergency appointments. You never have to deal with pain and damaged teeth for any longer than you have to.

Some Troubling Statistics

It is a sad fact that 78% of Americans will have at least one cavity over the course of their lives. Over 74% of Americans are estimated to have some form of gum disease. As many as 90% of children may have chronic gingivitis. In addition, 90% of systemic diseases will have an oral manifestation. The best way to prevent expensive treatment is to regularly see your dentist, as many of the issues that come with oral health issues can be prevented by catching it early.

Checkups are especially important as you grow older. Especially if you use or have used tobacco products, as early detection of oral cancer is essential to survival. The tragedy of oral cancer is that it has only a 57% survival rate of those who are diagnosed. This statistic could be greatly improved if everyone had regular oral checkups according to the Oral Cancer Foundation. Oral cancer is one of the most easily treated and survivable cancers. So, catching it early is vital.

Dental checkups are far more affordable than fixing serious problems that arise from lack of care. We offer financing and take many different insurance carriers to help you pay for general and preventative care. You owe it to yourself to keep your mouth healthy, as a healthy mouth means a healthy body.

Dr. Zadeh is also highly trained with patients who suffer from anxiety and dental phobia. If you are a patient that is so afraid of the dentist, even a simple cleaning and exam sets your nerves on edge, Dr. Zadeh and his assistants can accommodate you. He is one of the few dentists in the region that is certified by the Dental Board of California to perform sedation dentistry, and with his in-house pharmacist, nearly any option ranging from oral to IV sedation is available to you, should you need it. Don’t let fear keep you from having a healthy mouth! Furthermore, we will work with you to help you overcome your fears and make the dentist a place you actually enjoy and feel comfortable visiting.

If you have any concerns about your dental health that are not addressed on this website, Dr. Zadeh can still help. Give us a call today at (310) 273-2020 or email our appointment coordinator about any and all questions you may have about your dental health. We would be happy to discuss all of our procedures and options with you, as well as set up a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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