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Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentist in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

Dental Exam and CleaningA full mouth reconstruction is a series of procedures used by dentists and oral surgeons to address all issues of the patient’s dental issues. Given their complexity, full mouth restorations cannot be completed in a single visit. During your initial consultation, a comprehensive treatment plan will be created to addresses all of the problems that you are experiencing with your mouth. Dr. Zadeh will take full digital impressions of your entire mouth, X-Rays, and even a CT Scan to see the extent of work that needs to be done. When your whole mouth is involved, it is important to address everything. This allows you to regain the beautiful, radiant smile you may have lost due to age, wear, or neglect.

If you are looking for a specialist who can make your smile shine again, look no further! Dr. Zadeh is a star among only a handful of dentists who have the training and experience with both diagnosing and properly treating all aspects of your oral health and areas of reconstructive dentistry. His level of skill eliminates the need for any outside referrals and allows Dr. Zadeh to perform every step of your treatment, all under one roof. With his single dentist approach, the costs and duration of your treatment is greatly reduced while achieving flawless results.

The Process

Rehabilitation involves more than just your teeth and immediate gum line. Full mouth reconstructions will take your full mouth, including the entirety of the gums and jaws, into consideration. For many patients with severe oral health problems, bone and gum grafts or surgeries may be recommended. This is generally what separates the reconstruction from the makeover.

Because of the scope of treatment that full mouth reconstructions address, Dr. Zadeh will divide your treatment into two or three phases to treat one group of problems at a time. This approach reduces your overall recovery time and minimizes the total number of visits necessary for you to complete the process. Full treatment plans may require several weeks or months to complete depending on the extent of procedures and your needs.

Don’t worry though! Most patients are done within a few months in all but the most extreme cases. Furthermore, very few have serious complaints about discomfort during or after the procedure. A patient who requires extensive bone and/or gum repair will generally take longer than patients who have fewer or more surface-oriented problems. The body needs time to adapt to and accept grafts and implants. Healthy patients do recover quickly, and Dr. Zadeh will never try to impose a graft or implant treatment on you if he feels that you will not benefit, tolerate it well, or are otherwise not healthy enough to reasonably accept it.

During your treatment plan, Dr. Zadeh will do everything he can to address discomfort, pain, and concerns you may have with both your prognosis and self-care. Our office will give you highly detailed instructions on how to take care of yourself after your procedure, and with any form of surgery or extensive dental work, we will recommend bed rest and only the bare minimum of activity immediately after your treatment for the first few days. If you are susceptible or sensitive to pain, Dr. Zadeh will prescribe painkillers to ease your pain and monitor your healing to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentistry Procedures:

Depending on your needs, a your treatment may involve any of the following procedures:

  • Opening or closing of the bite: The most critical aspects of a full mouth reconstruction is the ability and skill necessary to fix the vertical dimension of the bite. This allows the mouth to open and close properly. It reduces or resolves any potential discomfort the patient may have with their bite. Many patients seeking full mouth reconstructions come in with the inability to open or close their mouths due to serious bite issues. Dr. Zadeh uses advanced splints and surgical techniques to repair and ease the joints and jawbone into their proper position for a perfect bite, every time. These processes can also be used to fix a TMJ disorder.
  • Dental implants: Dental implants are artificial teeth that are anchored into your jaw with a titanium or zirconia post and crown. Because dental implants are permanent and not removable, they are indistinguishable from your other teeth. They are also resistant to decay and can last your entire lifetime.
  • Permanent or removable bridges: Bridges are artificial teeth that are attached to a dental device. This device is anchored to the adjacent teeth through the use of crowns or mini-implants. Removable bridges and dentures are also available.
  • Placing crowns: Crowns are made from porcelain or ceramic. Crowns fix misshapen teeth and protect broken teeth from further damage. They create the appearance of a normal, undamaged tooth and are designed to stand the rigors of your mouth.
  • Dental Veneers: Porcelain veneers improve the appearance of teeth that are irregularly spaced or badly stained. When used to fix misshapen, crowded, or crooked teeth, the process is called instant orthodontics.
  • Dental bonding: Like veneers, dental bonding covers misshapen or stained teeth. Dental bonding can also fix chipped or cracked teeth that do not require veneers or crowns.
  • Periodontal Grafting: Patients with advanced gum disease may require gum grafts to replace lost gum tissue.

Patients have come from all over the Los Angeles area, United States, and the world for his expertise. He has had patients with severe dental health problems, including missing the majority of their teeth, receding gums, jaw bone atrophy, and more. From these foundations, he has healed his patients and given them miraculous results.

It Sounds Expensive — Can I Afford It?

Cost and apparent difficulty of the procedure should not be a deterrent to getting a full mouth reconstruction. Having this series of procedures by Dr. Zadeh will ensure that you have the healthiest and most attractive smile possible. While many of our patients come in requiring extreme makeovers, this is not the case for everyone. Some patients seeking mouth rehabilitation find out they only need anti-aging dentistry or smile makeovers. Regardless of your case, Dr. Zadeh offers the best full mouth reconstructions in the Los Angeles area and offers 0% financing to his patients. If you can afford the basic payment on an average new car, you can easily afford a full mouth reconstruction.

For many, replacing missing or repairing broken or cracked teeth, helping the gum line heal, and fixing the bite are enough. If you are interested in having a youthful, healthy looking smile that can take years off your appearance and repair extensive damage, a full mouth reconstruction may be the best option for you.

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