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Free Gingival Graft

Why You Might Need A Free Gingival Graft

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If the hard tissue of your gums has recessed due to periodontal disease, a free gingival graft may be necessary. With this particular form of treating gum disease, Dr. Zadeh uses your own mouth’s healthy hard tissues to repair damage that has been caused by periodontal disease, especially in the case of recessed gums. Wherever there is a surplus of extra healthy hard tissue (usually the roof the patient’s mouth, called the palate), Dr. Zadeh removes some tissue and grafts it to the site of the gum recession. Dr. Zadeh always makes sure to take tissue from a healthy site in your mouth, so that the site can heal properly.

This is an especially useful technique when gums have recessed to the point of exposing the tooth’s root; replacing the recessed gum with your mouth’s own natural tissues helps promote healing of the tissue and serves to protect the root of the tooth just as your natural gums would. This also make sure that the gum tissue you receive is 100% compatible, as it came from your body. Dr. Zadeh will sometimes use this procedure to prevent periodontal disease from proceeding any further. By grafting the new, healthy tissue on top of thinning tissue, the graft not only increases the thickness of the gums, but also prevents the diseased gums from being exposed, helping them to heal more quickly and efficiently.

What Is Involved With Gum Grafting Surgery?

To complete the free gingival gum graft, Dr. Zadeh must remove tissue from any infected area, clearing a place for the new, healthy tissue. During surgery, gum tissue is removed from the palate of your mouth or another healthy area, and reattached to the site of the recessed gums. Dr. Zadeh will then place a periodontal dressing over the grafted area to let it heal. Patients must not touch, brush, or chew on the newly grafted area for at least two weeks, when the dressing is removed. At that time, Dr. Zadeh will analyze his work and discuss the results of the procedure with you.

If you think you have gingivitis or periodontal disease, please call (310) 273-2020 or email our appointment coordinator for a consultation today. Dr. Zadeh and his staff will be happy to discuss free gingival grafts with you.

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