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Safety of Dental Amalgams

This is a letter I wrote to and published in ADA News in 2001. Nothing has changed since then other than the fact that repeatedly and consistently the law suites that the anti-amalgam crowd brought against various entities have been dismissed in all states and jurisdictions. In Dr. Zadeh’s opinion and the opinion of the entire dental scientific community, dental amalgams remain a safe and inexpensive method of filling dental cavities.

I glanced through a compelling article in the March 2001 JADA discussing safety of dental amalgams.

I trust there is no “controversy” in any conscientious dentist’s mind regarding amalgam safety. However, the public is constantly bombarded by fear-provoking and deceptive terms like “mercury fillings” or poison fillings,” driving them to us, asking for removal of their existing serviceable fillings.

The explanation that I have found to invariably calm the patients down is the fact that when elements combine with each other, their properties totally change.

I give the example that ‘oxygen’ is a gas that enhances “fire” and is absolutely necessary for anything to burn, but when the same oxygen is combined with hydrogen, another gas, the product is ‘water’ that is used to put out fire.

Similarly, when the liquid mercury is mixed and reacted with sliver, tin, copper, and zinc the resulting compound does not exhibit any of the properties of its elements.

I truly hope that none of the members of our respected profession participate in spreading these unfounded and false statements. We should leave the misrepresentation and deception to the likes of 60 minutes and Reader’s Digest, who in my view make their living by dramatizing and editing of the facts.

Parsa T Zadeh, D.D.S.

Beverly Hills, Calif.


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