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Prophylactic and Periodontal Cleaning

Prophylactic Cleaning

Prophylactic cleaning is the routine cleaning that is performed every 3-6 months to prevent periodontal disease.  A few patients will need more cleanings for preventative measures and a few will need cleanings only once a year.  The cleanings are completed by our wonderful hygienist in one hour appointment slots. The prophylactic cleanings include:

  1. A dense review of the patient’s medical history and measurement of your blood pressure.
  2. An oral cancer screening and examination of teeth and gums
  3. Ultrasonic scaling of all teeth, followed by manual scaling.  The teeth are then polished by fluoridated pumice for perfect and smooth service.
  4. Lastly, a concentrated fluoride rinse is given for topical application at no extra charge.

The fee for the prophylactic cleaning is $145.

Periodontal Maintenance

When the patient has had a periodontal treatment in the past, the routine cleaning must be performed at a deeper level, which is under the gum line.  The periodontal maintenance appointment includes all of the above and measurement of gum pockets.

We now have four days of hygiene and three hygienists.




 Tuesday and Wednesday




Our first appointment slot is at 8 am, and the last appointment slot is at 4 pm.

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