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Preventing Wine Stains on Your Teeth

Preventing Wine Stains on Your TeethDo you love wine but hate the stains it leaves behind on your teeth? Wine can play a role in a healthy diet and has even been associated with improved cardiovascular health. However, it can also be hard on teeth. Dr. Zadeh, our cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, explains.


While some people switch to white wine to limit the stains, their strategy may not be as effective as they want it to be. Wine is acidic and can open the pores on your teeth, which leaves them more vulnerable not only to the tannins in wine but also the stains associated with other foods and beverages. Instead, taking some steps to prevent stains is the best option.


1.    Brush before drinking.
If you are going to be drinking wine, brush your teeth beforehand to eliminate the plaque, which can show significant discoloration after wine-drinking.


2.    Eat cheese.
Cheese can coat your teeth and make them more resistant to stains. It also contains enamel-hardening calcium, which can protect your teeth against the acids in wine.


3.    Use a wine straw.
A straw can minimize contact between wine and your teeth.


4.    Use wine wipes.
These convenient wipes can be used to clear the stains and wine residue from your teeth immediately.


5.    Do not brush right away.
Whether you have enjoyed a glass or two of wine or an entire meal, wait about half an hour before brushing to give your saliva an opportunity to neutralize the acids. Brushing too early can lead to enamel damage.


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