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Many Children Do Not Get Adequate Dental Treatment

While reading ScienceDaily, I came across an article about how many urban children do not get appropriate dental care before four years of age. It is never really too early to start thinking about a child’s oral health. Trouble with baby teeth can lead to larger issues when adult teeth come in, such as malocclusion (crooked, misaligned teeth), crowding, cavities in adult teeth, and a litany of other problem. In the study performed, fewer than one percent of children saw a dentist by age one, and almost a quarter of children had at least one cavity by age four.

Having worked in the dental field for over 25 years, there are concerns about the financial affordability of dentistry and purpose behind it for children. Many people figure as baby teeth are not permanent, they are okay to neglect or there is little point in keeping them healthy. This is absolutely incorrect, as early oral screenings can help identify larger problems down the line and make sure that your child’s teeth stay healthy lifelong. Reduce the chances of cavities and dental disease early by using pH-neutral and unsweetened beverage in your child’s bottle, rather than letting them drink sweetened beverages late at night. Also, try to formulate good dental hygiene habits from the very start.

Seeing a dentist early and regularly can help your child get the best start in life with their dental health, because it will help make your child used to the dentist and understand that oral care is very important to them and their health. Good habits, consistent hygiene and dental visits can help prevent emergency, restorative, and other expensive dental procedures throughout their lives


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