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Invisalign® Clear Teeth Aligners

Each year, millions of Americans get braces, and thousands of school pictures will feature a child or teen with a shiny silver smile. If you did not get braces as a child; you may be too embarrassed to get them now, because older teens and adults are typically not seen with metal or ceramic braces. Fortunately, there is a solution. Beverly Hills dentist, Parsa T. Zadeh, DDS, can fit you for Invisalign® aligners.

InvisalignYour Teeth Straightening Process

Invisalign® clear teeth aligners are clear, plastic trays that fit over your teeth. Like traditional braces, they slowly straighten your teeth until they are in their proper place. At your initial visit, Dr. Zadeh will take impressions of your teeth. From there, you will have your aligners custom made for you. You will then receive a series of trays, which you will replace about every two weeks with the next in the series.

Occasionally you will come in for follow ups to make sure everything is going smoothly. You will also have a new set made from updated impressions of your teeth. Each set of clear aligners will be slightly modified to gradually shift your teeth to optimal position. This process will continue until your teeth are fully corrected and you and Dr. Zadeh are satisfied with the results.

Advantages of the Invisalign® System

Invisalign® retainers have several distinct advantages over traditional braces. The greatest advantage is that they are transparent. This makes them far less noticeable than metal or ceramic braces. A casual observer is unlikely to notice the aligners at all. In addition, patients prefer aligners over braces because they are removable. You can remove them to eat, clean your teeth, or to play a high impact sport.

The fact that they are removable makes oral care much easier. You won’t need flossing devices or special toothbrushes to clean your teeth. You can also eat all of your favorite foods, including barbecue ribs, whole apples, and corn on the cob without worrying about food getting stuck or damaging your braces. They also remove the need for adjustments, replacing broken wires, and other common problems people have with braces.

Invisalign® aligners are a breakthrough for many patients. However, they aren’t for everyone. Pre-teens and younger children may be prone to losing or breaking the aligners. Some patients who are in need of extensive correction may require traditional metal or ceramic braces. Traditional braces are far more effective than Invisalign® in moving severely misplaced teeth. Dr. Zadeh only recommends invisible aligners for older teenagers and young to middle aged adults who need minor corrections for their teeth and bite.

The process is convenient and easy, requiring only minimal maintenance and wearing your aligners as prescribed. If you need more extensive correction, Dr. Zadeh will happily recommend you to an orthodontist he trusts.

After you are done with your treatment, you will generally wear a night time retainer to help your teeth in place. In fact, some patients with minor straightening issues may find this is all they need in lieu of Invisalign®.

How Much Does It Cost?

We are hesitant to say upfront what the cost of Invisalign® are, due to the variables of each case. Treatments can range from about $2,000 to $9,000 dollars. The average is closer to $3,000 to $5,000 according to Your Dentistry Guide. Dr. Zadeh offers financing for all of his treatments, and Invisalign® is no exception.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Zadeh will perform a comprehensive examination and he will be better able to estimate the costs of your treatment. He will also take into consideration your personal needs and goals, and adjust the price and length of treatment accordingly. The length of treatment will often be the main indicator of how much your treatment may cost.

Are There Alternatives?

In addition to Invisalign® treatments, Dr. Zadeh can create removable retainers that can be worn only at night for correction of minor misalignment of teeth. Keeping your teeth straight is not only important to maintaining an attractive, but healthy smile as well. In recent years, dentists and orthodontists have noted that crooked teeth and malocclusion are cause for numerous oral health issues. These problems include tooth decay as the surfaces of crooked teeth may be difficult to brush and floss. Straight teeth are not only aesthetically appealing, but they are good for your dental health. Keeping or getting your teeth as straight as possible is a great step to ensuring you have your teeth for your entire life.

Dr. Zadeh can help you decide if Invisalign® or night time retainers are right for you. Call his office today at (310) 273-2020 to make an appointment for a consultation.

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