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How Energy Drinks Harm Your Teeth

The popularity of energy drinks has not gone unnoticed by manufacturers, who come out with new flavors every year in an effort to capture the youth market. However, drinking these energy drinks frequently has serious consequences for the teeth.

Energy drinks are much more acidic than sports drinks or even sodas and can cause tooth erosion with their strong acids. When consumed frequently, over time, the tooth enamel will begin to wear away, exposing the softer under layer called dentin. Not only is dentin more vulnerable to tooth decay, but it also appears to be much more yellow than the natural enamel, giving the teeth a yellowish cast.

Energy drinks also contain a lot of sugar, which is also detrimental for the teeth. After drinking the beverage, sugar remains on the teeth where it becomes fuel for harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease.

In order to protect the teeth, avoid these beverages altogether. If you find yourself consuming these beverages, brush your teeth after 30 minutes or thoroughly rinse your mouth to remove as much of the acids and sugars as possible.

If you have experienced damage to your teeth as the result of consuming many energy drinks, Dr. Zadeh, Beverly Hills dentist, can help.

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