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Good Foods for Your Oral Health

Good Foods for Your Oral HealthWhen it comes to dental health, your diet can play as big a role as your dental hygiene does. Sticky, carbohydrate-rich foods are notoriously bad for your teeth, and energy drinks, soft drinks and sugary juices can also erode your teeth and contribute to tooth decay. A healthy diet that includes all the major food groups is much better for your teeth. Certain foods are better than others, however.


1. Cheese
Cheese and other dairy products are excellent sources of calcium, which your teeth need to be strong. Look for products that are enriched with vitamin D, which aids in calcium absorption.


2. Crunchy veggies
Celery and similar crunchy, fiber-rich vegetables are packed full of gum-healthy nutrients, but they can also help mechanically clean your teeth.


3. Fibrous, juicy fruits
Apples, pears and similar fruits can stimulate saliva flow and have similar teeth-cleaning benefits as crunchy vegetables. They are also good sources of many essential nutrients.


4. Tap water
Water may not be a food, but it can play an important role in a dental-smart lifestyle. Tap water contains fluoride, which helps keep teeth hard, combats bacteria and can reduce the risk of tooth decay.


5. Sugar-free gum
Instead of between-meal snacking, consider grabbing a stick of sugar-free gum, which has an ingredient called Xylitol. Xylitol has been found to play an important role in keeping oral bacteria under control.


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