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Effects of Smoking on Your Oral Health

Effects of Smoking on Your Oral HealthNearly everyone has heard about the dangers that smoking presents to your general health. However, many people are not as aware of the ill effects that smoking has for your oral health. Smoking can lead to tooth stains and even dull your sense of taste and smell. It can cause difficulty with treating dental problems and inhibit healing after oral surgery. Smoking can also cause bad breath and has been linked to periodontal disease and oral cancer. Many smokers have far higher incidents of periodontal diseases than non-smokers, which encourages tooth loss and other dental problems as they age.

Oral cancer is actually one of the most easily treated cancers if it is found early. However, only 57% of cases are found early enough to be treatable due to its nearly silent nature. If you smoke or have smoked, let your dentist know so that they can routinely screen for oral cancers and other tumors.

Quitting smoking can help to reverse many if these effects. Once you quit, the bad breath goes away and your sense of taste and smell slowly begin to return. Quitting smoking also cuts your risk of developing oral cancer or periodontal disease. Within several months to several years, depending on factors and specifics, your body will almost totally recover from smoking.

If your teeth have become stained or you need surgery to reconstruct your mouth after periodontal disease or oral cancer, contact Dr. Zadeh, a leading Beverly Hills dentist, for help. Dr. Zadeh performs full mouth reconstructions as well as in office teeth whitening procedures designed to restore the beauty of your smile.

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