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Drink Red Wine For Your Dental Health

red wine prevents tooth decayVinophiles can rejoice, as a new study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry by the American Chemical Society, states that red wine should be consumed by almost everyone.

Red wine does have a reputation for staining teeth due to containing tannins, the study indicates that the chemicals in red wine and grape seed extracts can help thwart a number of dental problems, such as cavities.

The chemical attributes of red wine, whether it was alcoholic or non-alcoholic, and a wine with a certain grape seed extract undermined the bacteria which cause tartar and plaque.

As cavities and tooth decay are the second common health issues affecting Americans after the common cold, it would behoove anyone who enjoys or can drink red wine to do so.

Remember; however, moderation is key. Odds are that this applies only the the one or two glasses of wine a day that have been recommended for years for cardiovascular health in numerous studies.

For those who are not inclined or do not enjoy drinking, there is an alternative in grape seed oil extracts, which a shot of can have the same protective traits as the glass of red wine. This is good news for almost everyone, as natural and non-alcohol based treatments for cavities and cavity prevention may be developed without the side effects of red wine. It would also allow those who are under the age of consumption to be able to partake in the apparent health benefits of red wine.

In an earlier blog post, I also recommended eating cheese with wine to prevent staining, so if you are a vinophile and enjoy a nice red in the evening, continue to do so and enjoy a life with fewer cavities.

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