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Dangers of Oral Piercings

hese days, self-expression has become one of the most important aspects of fashion. Oral piercings are no exception; young people all over the country have adopted this trendy style. Oral piercings include piercing the tongue, the lips, or the uvula. Although these piercings are popular, they do present risks for the person’s oral health.

The most common risks that oral piercings present are infection, pain, and swelling. These are especially common right after the piercing is performed, but they can occur at any time. In some extreme cases, the swelling can cause the airway to become blocked or make it difficult to eat.

Other common risks include injury to the gums and damage to the teeth. These problems are typically caused by playing with the piercing or biting on it. Allergic reactions to the metal in the piercing are also possible, which may cause severe swelling or even life threatening allergic reactions. Nerve damage can also occur, especially with tongue piercings. This is especially an issue with tongue piercings. Damage to the nerve can cause a temporary or permanent loss of sensation, or even a change in the taste buds. Finally, an oral piercing can trigger the body to produce more saliva, causing excessive drooling.

If you are considering getting an oral piercing, or if you have an oral piercing and are experiencing problems, Dr. Parsa Zadeh can help. Dr. Zadeh is a Beverly Hills dentist with over twenty five years of experience with treating oral health problems, including the problems caused by oral piercings.

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