Amalgam Dental Fillings

No one likes to have cavities. The time spent in the dentist’s chair, and the discomforts of having the cavity drilled are serious arguments for good oral hygiene. In addition to the hassle and pain, no one wants a mouth full of silver fillings. Dr. Zadeh, a Beverly Hills dentist, does not use these silver amalgam fillings for several reasons.

Soft Drinks and Tooth Erosion

Popular drinks like soda and juice can accelerate tooth erosion. I have written before regarding what you should drink and eat to maintain tooth health, but it always bears repeating. Soft drinks and many popular fruit juices and drinks have excessive amounts of sugar, which influences the acidity of your mouth and gives the bacteria which cause tooth erosion plenty of food to reproduce, grow, and erode your teeth.

The Tooth Worm -ancient beliefs/periodontal disease

Since the beginning of recorded history, many cultures have reported that toothaches were caused due to tooth worm burrowing into the teeth and taking root. This spread across the globe, and references appeared in Egypt, Sumeria, China, and India.

Dry Mouth and Dental Health

About 4 million Americans suffer from dry mouth at any given time. It is uncomfortable and irritating for most, but it can have a serious effect on your dental health. As I have discussed in several of my postings, saliva has an important protective benefit for your teeth and mouth.

Dental Gimmicks – Dangerous Trends and Ineffective Treatment

A “ dental gimmick ” is a procedure or a gadget that is used to attract attention, publicity or business without having any significant benefit to the patient.

Getting Over The Dentist Jitters

Going to the dentist can be a nerve wracking experience for even the most jaded person. Dental anxiety is such a common problem that driving around the Los Angeles area, you can see a large number of billboards advertising gentle dentistry, sleep dentistry, sedation dentistry, no fear dentistry, and even dentistry for cowards.

Oral Piercings and Dental Problems

One of the great things about our modern era is the way to safely alter our bodies to look pretty much anyway we would like within reason. However, a popular mode of fashion and expression can often have negative effects on our teeth and oral health. This is not meant to dissuade you from wearing oral piercings or getting one, but simply let you know about additional precautions you may need to take if you consider getting one.

Cosmetic Dentistry for a Better Life

It is not really breaking news for most of us, but the scientific evidence is piling up that a healthy, attractive smile truly does open doors for you. A recent study whose results were published in the Daily Mail showed that good teeth signal social status.

Traditional Dentistry is Dead

Something I have been hearing and seeing a lot of lately is how traditional dentistry is on its way out. Whether it is the decline of private and fee-for-service dental practices, with the exception of a few standout superstars, or other portents of gloom and doom, like many other things, it is very popular to say that traditional anything or long standing career paths are on their way out.  

The Best Beverly Hills Dentist

Self-promotional posts are never popular, but I wanted to personally sit down and discuss why I am not just a Beverly Hills Dentist, but the best Beverly Hills Dentist. Unlike many of my competitors, my patients and their needs come first. At my practice, you will never see me trot out celebrities or other luminaries to show you how skilled I am or what I can do for you.