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Colgate® Total Linked To Cancer

Colgate, the manufacturer of Colgate® Total has come under fire recently with the revelation that Triclosan, an active ingredient of their popular toothpaste can cause cancer. Triclosan is a popular antibacterial agent that is found on several day to day items.

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Dental Implant Fun Facts

Dental implant is a widely recognized way to economically and permanently replace missing teeth for most patients, and is especially ideal for individuals who may be missing only one or two teeth and seniors. However, the concept of dental implants are not particularly new. In fact, archaeological evidence shows that humans have been trying to replace their missing or damaged teeth for most of recorded history, if not before!

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Dental Implants Better for Seniors

As dentists, we have always maintained that nothing can be as good as natural teeth. Traditionally the goal of every dentist has been to save as much of and as many natural teeth as possible. All preventive dentistry procedures are aimed to avoid or minimize the DMF score. DMF stands for Decayed, Missing and Filled surfaces.

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Cosmetic Dentistry for a Better Life

It is not really breaking news for most of us, but the scientific evidence is piling up that a healthy, attractive smile truly does open doors for you. A recent study whose results were published in the Daily Mail showed that good teeth signal social status.

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Traditional Dentistry is Dead

Something I have been hearing and seeing a lot of lately is how traditional dentistry is on its way out. Whether it is the decline of private and fee-for-service dental practices, with the exception of a few standout superstars, or other portents of gloom and doom, like many other things, it is very popular to say that traditional anything or long standing career paths are on their way out.  

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Sleep Dentistry “Going Postal”?

Today, we are going to discuss pills versus IV sedation dentistry.Many dentists these days are advertising for a form of sedation dentistry called sleep dentistry. And many patients get confused or are under the impression that they would be put under general anesthesia

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