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The Best Beverly Hills Dentist

Self-promotional posts are never popular, but I wanted to personally sit down and discuss why I am not just a Beverly Hills Dentist, but the best Beverly Hills Dentist. Unlike many of my competitors, my patients and their needs come first. At my practice, you will never see me trot out celebrities or other luminaries to show you how skilled I am or what I can do for you.

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Even Healthy Treats Can Cause Cavities

I’ve written about Eat This, Not That For Your Teeth. And it appears that even some healthy treats can be as bad for your teeth as soda, candy bars, and other junk foods. It may be surprising, but your favorite granola, smoothie, or fruit juices can be absolutely awful for your teeth and can you give cavities.

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Sonic Toothbrushes versus Power and Manual Brushes

There is a lot of debate out there regarding whether a sonic toothbrush is better at removing plaque than a standard or regular electric toothbrush . In my experience, I have found the difference that a sonic toothbrush makes to be negligible, if not non-existent.

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Mold On Your Tooth Brush?

Do I mean that is possible on a toothbrush? Very much so! You can see the mold as a varying degree of black spots, or you may not see it at all, depending on the species of mold.

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Dentists Are Too Expensive! Wrong!

One of the biggest complaints that patients usually have about going to the dentist is the cost. While financials, especially in a tough economy following the Great Recession, are always a concern — one of the most expensive mistakes any one person can make is to assume that it is simply cheaper to not go to the dentist and only see us when there is a serious problem.

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