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Same Day Dentistry, The CAD/ CAM and CEREC Machine

Recently, we introduced a CEREC machine to our office. This device allows us to skip past the ‘temporary’ part of your treatment plan and walk out with a fixed permanent the same day as your appointment. Let’s be honest, a lot of us are busy professionals, parents, or students, and sometimes all three at the same time! None of us have time to take two or three visits to complete our treatment plan. I can now give you full, start to finish, same day dentistry.

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Sleeping with Dentures May Increase Pneumonia Risk

If you sleep with dentures, this might be something you want to reconsider. A recent study showed that a combination of poor oral health and sleep with dentures increased the chances a patient; in particular, a senior citizen may contract pneumonia. Other risk factors included cognitive decline, stroke, and other common health problems associated with patients with advanced periodontal disease.

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Oral Surgery Aftercare

Oral surgery aftercare is an important part of your dental health. While most people would like to avoid it, the reality is the vast majority of us are likely to have some form of minor or major dental surgery in our lifetimes. There are a few things in particular that set dental surgery apart from other forms of surgery that need to be accounted for during your recovery.

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Exercise – Healthy Body But Unhealthy teeth

In a potentially controversial finding by The Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports and reported by the New York Times, heavy exercise and training may give you unhealthy teeth . The positive effects of exercise and regular physical activity cannot be overstated.

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