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Dry Mouth and Dental Health

About 4 million Americans suffer from dry mouth at any given time. It is uncomfortable and irritating for most, but it can have a serious effect on your dental health. As I have discussed in several of my postings, saliva has an important protective benefit for your teeth and mouth.

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Dental Implants Have Higher Fail Rate In Patients Using SSRIs

The International and American Associations for Dental Research released a paper detailing how dental implants can have a higher failure rate in patients who are taking SSRIs anti-depressants. These drugs have become extremely popular in North America over the past several decades, but have well-documented and tracked side effects.

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Getting Over The Dentist Jitters

Going to the dentist can be a nerve wracking experience for even the most jaded person. Dental anxiety is such a common problem that driving around the Los Angeles area, you can see a large number of billboards advertising gentle dentistry, sleep dentistry, sedation dentistry, no fear dentistry, and even dentistry for cowards.

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Oral Piercings and Dental Problems

One of the great things about our modern era is the way to safely alter our bodies to look pretty much anyway we would like within reason. However, a popular mode of fashion and expression can often have negative effects on our teeth and oral health. This is not meant to dissuade you from wearing oral piercings or getting one, but simply let you know about additional precautions you may need to take if you consider getting one.

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