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Advantages of Getting Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned

Advantages of Getting Your Teeth Professionally CleanedThe American Dental Association recommends that most people should have a professional cleaning at least twice a year. Routine dental cleanings with our Beverly Hills dentist can keep your smile and whole body healthier.


Professional cleanings can help prevent gum disease. Early stage gum disease, or gingivitis, often has few or no noticeable symptoms. However, early identification and treatment of gingivitis can prevent more advanced forms of gum disease, which can contribute to gum and tooth loss. Completely removing all plaque and tartar buildup can give your gums an opportunity to recover from the infection and promote healing. Continuing to brush twice daily and floss once daily can help prevent further gum inflammation.


Regular dental cleanings can also help reduce your risk of cavities. The plaque that forms along the gumline, on the chewing surfaces and between your teeth contains bacteria that create acidic byproducts. This acid damages enamel and creates cavities if it is not removed. The dental exam that generally accompanies a professional cleaning can identify early signs of decay and be used to formulate a treatment plan.


Finally, regular professional cleanings can help beautify your smile. Superficial stains will be polished away, and you can even schedule a whitening procedure to remove deeper stains from your enamel and dentin, which can be difficult to remove with brushing alone.


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