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Implant Dentist in West Los Angeles

Best Cosmetic and Implant Dentist in West Los Angeles, Brentwood or Westwood.

West LA, home of the UCLA Bruins, Fox Studios, and neighborhoods like Cheviot Hills and Brentwood has been a Los Angeles icon for decades. Don’t you deserve a cosmetic and implant dentist in West Los Angeles that can take care of you the way that you deserve to be? Dr. Parsa T. Zadeh, DDS, would love to welcome you to his practice, centrally located in glamorous Beverly Hills. Having served the Los Angeles area for over 30 years, he has performed nearly every kind of dental procedure imaginable, and specializes in implants and full mouth reconstruction, gummy smiles, and crowns and veneers to give you that perfect smile.

A Beautiful Smile On Demand

Implant Dentist in West Los AngelesUnlike other cosmetic dentists, Dr. Zadeh does everything in house, without the need to send for an outside dental laboratory or sending you through the cycle of specialists and outside referrals. Your entire treatment plan, whether it is a simple cleaning or a full overhaul of your teeth, will be handled and overseen by Dr. Zadeh himself. There is no “team” dentistry at his office, so you will never be left guessing who you will see when you come in. Also, every patient is given time with the doctor to make sure their smiles and mouths are as healthy as possible. In fact, that is the foundation of Dr. Zadeh’s treatment plans — creating healthy mouths for beautiful smiles.

Unlike any other cosmetic or implant dentist in West Los Angeles, Dr. Zadeh not only improves the appearance of your teeth, he also makes sure that they are healthy before any treatment can begin. Covering up problems only leads to pain and additional work down the road, so why not get it done right the first time? This approach will ensure you will have a beautiful smile for years to come. And because he does everything in house, your perfect, Hollywood smile will be virtually on demand! You won’t be waiting weeks for additional treatments or your dental appliances to be completed. It helps shave time and money off the costs of your treatment and ensures that you will receive only the highest quality of care.

Comfort and Service, For You

Giving you the best quality care goes beyond being a cosmetic and implant dentist in West Los Angeles, it also goes with having an office that is both well-appointed and you are treated like a celebrity. Combining quality care and an exceptional patient experience are part of the Zadeh Dentistry Difference. The moment you step into our office, you will be greeted by a friendly staff which will help ensure your comfort and enjoyment of your dental experience. Whether this is your first visit for an initial consult or you have been coming to Dr. Zadeh for decades, making sure you are relaxed and at ease is a corner stone of his practice. Whether you are undergoing a major procedure, or something as simple as a cleaning and teeth whitening, you will not be disappointed by the level of care and our amenities. To help you with anxiety and comfort, we offer a number of sedation dentistry techniques, including IV sedation and offering numerous entertainment options to let you relax and let Dr. Zadeh and his staff to do all the work.

We also try to make seeing the dentist easy, by offering early morning appointments and emergency appointments by request. You do not have to suffer through taking entire days off from work or nights of pain if you need to see the dentist, whether it’s for a cleaning or replacing a tooth that was knocked out. We will find a way to work with your schedule so that you can get the care that you need, whenever you need it.

Try the Difference

Whether you have lived in LA for years, or just moved here — our office is open to you. No case is too big, too small, too simple, or too complicated. We would love to hear from you, please call us today at (310) 273-2020 or email our appointment coordinator to set up an appointment. Visit and learn more about Dr. Zadeh now!

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