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Crazy Uses For Dental Floss

dental flossOnce in awhile, I want to explore alternative uses of dental supplies, simply because there are so many facets to dentistry and instruments that we use. Now, I like to think that dentistry is linked to not only health, but food, well-being, and living a better life.

Here are a few interesting uses for dental floss that you might not have thought of:

1. Use dental floss to cut difficult cheeses. Soft or crumbly cheeses can be extremely difficult to cut, even with the finest of knives — so if you have a nice brie, feta, or crumbly Roquefort cheese and need to divvy it up into smaller pieces, try cutting it with a piece of dental floss. It can also be used to cut cakes and get sticky baked goods off of baking sheets and trays without breaking them apart. Just remember to use floss for it’s ‘proper’ usage if you are having any sugary snacks.

2. Stop a leaky faucet from driving you insane. Tie a piece of dental floss to the spigot and let the water just run down the length of the thread. This way you can get a good nights sleep or concentrate while you wait for the plumber to come out and fix it.

3. Emergency clothesline. Good dental floss actually can support quite a bit of weight and stress, so if you need to air dry some clothes in a hurry or your line is already full, just tie a string or two between two fixed, stationary objects and hang your clothes. It works!

4. Remove tight rings. If you have a ring that won’t come off, try tightening a length off floss around your finger and slip that ring off.

5. Heavy Duty Sewing Thread. Not surprisingly, floss is much stronger than traditional sewing fibers and can be used to fix anything from buttons to heavy duty canvas.

6. Marless Hanging Wire. Security deposits and/or having to repaint your walls when you move out is a pain. Rather than using metallic braided wire, try using floss for some of your pictures. It won’t scratch up the paint when its time to move the picture or move out.

7. Fix Stripped Connections. This one you might have seen with some of your handy friends. If a connection becomes loose or stripped, you can wind it with some dental floss to help improve the connectivity and seal.

8. Save Sticky Photos. Floss is narrow and gentle enough that you can use it to slowly remove pictures from an adhesive surface.

As a bonus: An old toothbrush can be used for a surprising number of different things as well, such as cleaning hard to reach crevices, blinds, and other household objects. A toothbrush can also be used to tame unruly eyebrows and flyaway hairs and even clean the silk out of corn. Finally, if you have a splinter, a little bit of water and baking soda can help get the troublesome bit out of your finger, hand, foot, or anywhere else it might have found its way into.

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